After writing the suite for smallband “Life Of A Day”, in 1999 it remained a long wish of the composer to use such a beautiful form for a composition. But there must be a reason for this.

The occasion occurred when the permanent Stageband Jazzorchestra conductor took a sabbatical for a year. That in combination with presenting the first CD of vocal group Treats was the signal for composer Marco Kerver that after 18 years a Suite had to be made again. Kerver had also written material for the Treats CD, which was very easy to incorporate in the concept of the Suite to be written.

2 years earlier the composer had been hit by a burnout, he was forced to temporarily resign all his activities. Although that cost him a lot of effort, he discovered very new values ​​of life during that period. His children, his home and his family turned out to be a very powerful medicine against being overworked. The loss of his best friend also gave him a glimpse into another life, apart from the enormous grief. These self-reflections laid the foundation for the inspiration from which this suite was formed.

Hopefully the audience will find the way to the stages where the Suite will be performed. So that more people may appreciate the beauty of unhurried jazz music in this form. Feel welcome and necessary in the Easter weekend to revere us with your visit.