The passion for writing music started in his early twenties. Then he discovered the invisible boundary of making music could be eroded by writing music. Unplayable music and ideas suddenly came within the possibilities. By writing music, playing those compositions and recording them suddenly became more meaningful. After all, the sounds of that composition or arrangement were completely unique and not previously recorded and performed. Getting used to that idea, the re-enactment of music written by others became more and more useless, unless it was for festive purposes and was well paid for.

As a result of the writing, the playing of the bass and double bass by Kerver got more depth, more content, more meaning, and that worked extremely motivating. In combination with the rapid change from handwriting to digital writing & editing music, Kerver developed into a fast writer, producing a lot of compositions. If the music he wrote did not lead to performance quickly, he lost motivation. A real project writer, who always adapted his style to the possibilities of execution of that moment.

He wrote 2 CDs and his first Suite for the Small Band “Flat 9”.Then he switched to popsoul and funk, and wrote 4 CDs full of his own pieces for the band “Soul Vaccination”. After that he went to work for the Big Band Want2swing, where he has been associated with since 2004 as a conductor. With this Big Band he has produced 5 CDs so far. Meanwhile, his qualities were also recognized by many clients who needed written music. He wrote music for practically all major orchestras in the Netherlands, but also for smaller ensembles. Since 2011, Kerver has been a bass player with Stageband Jazzorchestra and vocal group Treats. For these groups he also composed material, which is also recorded and released. His last highlight is the Hallsta Suite, his second jazz suite that will be performed and recorded by the latter groups. Around Easter 2018 there will be concerts in 4 theaters, after which the CD will be recorded.