Writing a jazz suite

Also this year I have committed myself to writing a long piece of music for the Stageband Jazz Orchestra. Because the whole process last year was so much fun for both the Big Band, the audience, and for myself. Actually, it is far too much work to do in addition to my other activities. Especially because I am also busy with the last few steps of the previous Easter Suite. I am mixing it, and there will be one singing session. Coincidentally, all members of vocal group Treats were here in Studio Steem, for a spicy day. The most difficult song of the Hållsta Suite, Patience was on the program. Is completely crazy, by the way, but that aside.

I find the beginning of a long piece of music the hardest. First of all, you must have a good cyclic theme, an atmosphere, a concept. Then it is nuts pooping, as I like to call it disrespectful. Create content. I have to go over the “dead point”. That actually works the same as with many arrangements and compositions that I have already written. Only the “dead point” in an average arrangement is after 2 minutes of music, and in a long suite only after about 20 minutes of music.

That actually means that at the moment I have unfinished themes and ideas, half texts, vague ideas, which the flywheel does not turn. That is a tough phase, especially in the knowledge that the beginning of the rehearsal period is approaching, and that there are also other kinds of work ready, or is going to arise in that period.

But it is worth it. Because in addition to the enormous fun we all have of these kinds of projects, it is also good that such a renowned orchestra as the Stageband Jazz Orchestra is working on new, strange jazz material. In an unusual form. That we are trying to make the Easter weekend traditionally a “jazz weekend”. That people who can keep our type of music are increasingly moving to concerts of this orchestra. Tradition requires that, we are creating it.

Write in your diary, Jazzsuite Stageband Jazz Orchestra a.s Easter weekend 2019. Everyone is needed, and your presence is appreciated.