Vocalgroup Treats in Studio Steem

Now that the CD registration of the Hållsta Suite is approaching its final stage, some vocal parts have to be sung. We recorded the framework of this CD during a recording session in Akkrum in the spring. Then I put together the suite here in Studio Steem, made the necessary edits and a large part of the mix. For the summer holiday we have already included part of the vocal tracks here, but because the different members of Treats had a lot of pressure during the last part of the previous season, the logistics did not manage to record all the scores for the big holiday. So now we need a few more sessions at the start of the new season to record all vocal tracks.

And what will it be nice. It was a very inspiring session yesterday with a great sounding Treats. Inimitable how well that group sounds together. In the meantime, of course, they have been singing together for years, and that is good to hear. The intricate four-part close harmony voicings come flawlessly on the record, with the arranger regularly feeling confused with the very difficult lines he has come up with. The arranger (that’s me) is aware of the fact that the best arrangements sound good, also have to be good and playable. He has clearly not met that objective, even though the close harmony is relatively new to him, in all situations. Beautiful leather moment, which comes in handy because there is currently hard writing to the new suite, which must be ready around February.