Recording the Hållsta Suite

Music is fleeting, if you hear it it exists, otherwise it does not exist. Okay, a feeling of music may also be something, but that is not very concrete. Not so long ago, you could only enjoy music and beautiful compositions if it was performed live. That was a good time for musicians, but a frustrating time for music lovers. Because you want to be able to hear your favorite music at any time. Fortunately times have changed. Music has become part of everyone’s life, even from everyone’s identity. Since music can be registered, a lot has changed. The history of recording music ranges from recording with one microphone, to days-long, weeks-long sessions with hundreds of tracks. What is often forgotten is that comfort for the musician, and his music control and instrumentation is the most important thing for a nice result. That is why we just took the time for the rehearsal and gave the first 4 concerts. That ensured that every musician knew the piece through and through and could add his own interpretation to the whole. That’s really important. But what is also important is that the insturments that our professionals play so expertly are so faithfully recorded. so that the Suite really sounds at its best, even after recording. And for exactly that reason, we went to the best studio in the north of the Netherlands on Sunday. Key Studios in Akkrum. Rogier Trampe has built a beautiful studio there, with the most beautiful acoustic rooms, great high end equipment, and a great creative ambiance. Really a treat to play there. Of course we will make a great mix of these recordings, which will be released in the second part of 2018 under the FlatSharp Productions record label. If you are already interested in the recordings, make sure to reserve a DVD. DVD? Yes, because the recorded music will be linked to the images of the concerts, of the studio and the snow images of Hållsta.

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