Ninth rehearsel Hållsta Suite

During the eighth rehearsal we found out that it is not convenient that bassist / conductor Marco Kerver is in the back of the orchestra. He has to cue a lot, and it is at the expense of the Suite if that does not happen. So we changed the arrangement of the band the ninth rehearsal completely. Song group behind the drums, they also have a clearer sound of themselves, bass player at the front right next to the pianist, and the whole band in a slight curve.

For some it was the last rehearsal, they are not at the last rehearsal next week.And though not nearly perfect, nice steps are made.The sound of the band was a lot better than the week before, the vocal group mixed better in the band, and the pieces without rhythm section were tighter by the management of Marco.Ook of this rehearsal are made recordings, and that again serve as a basis for the home study.

On the basis of these recordings, some artistic details can be further refined.Globaal kunn and we say that all passages are played well, and that we are now mainly concerned with tightness, balance and sound.

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